Thai language books free download pdf

thai language books free download pdf

A full 50 pages of exercises in English and Thai to help reason 7 mac download learn essential words and phrases in the language. We suggest printing out the Thai exercise book and doing the exercises with a pen or pencil. This kanguage and trusted learning method is a refreshing choice in this digital age. This learn Thai workbook includes 's of words and phrases in Thai. When the noun is in the plural, the Thai word for ' our ' is ' kong puak rao '. Unlike English, the word ' kong puak rao ' is placed after the noun. Thai is spoken by about 65 million people in Thailand.
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  • For Free. Keywords: ICTsoftware. Read more If you work as the ass follower, you will have many topics to talk about the leader. I have been walking behind the ass of Wild monkeys for many years. Enjoy my Assamese. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in Meade was the pseudonym of Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith —a prolific writer of girls' stories.

    Meade, of Nohoval, County Cork. Rosa Harriet Jeaffreson was born in Leamington in She settled in London inwhen she began contributing articles to various literary journals. Inshe married Henry Charles Newmarch, thereafter using her married name in her professional work. Arrange the following sentences into the right order : 1. Wolf is a Dutchman.

    He works in Thailand. Surasak is an engineer. That is a crime! He speaks a little Thai. Make the following sentences interrogative and negative: 1. Translation into English: 1. This is Jintana. Good day. My name is Peter.

    (PDF) Thai for Beginners | Jacob de Groot -

    This is Surasak Chakraphet 7. He is an engineer. Kanya is a servant. Language into Thai dowhload transcription script : 1. Interrogative: 1. The dialogues are written in the language that the average Thai uses every day: spoken language. The spoken language, which you will learn in this course, is the language as spoken in Books, which is understood all over the country.

    Here and there you will be made acquainted with a word originating from another dialect, but which will be recognized and understood by every Thai. The dialogue will thal be given in Thai downlooad. During the start of your study, this will be of lit- tle use to you, but you will learn how to read very rapidly, and rereading the first dialogues of the course in Thai script will be an excellent exercise for when you have become dowwnload ad- vanced.

    Please try to direct your attention not only to the transcribed texts, but also to the original Thai. Although it is possible to learn a little Thai without learning to read and write, it is of the greatest importance to be able download write the script well and read it fluently if you really want to learn the language well.

    Try to recognize letters and pff by using the lists of conso- nants and vowels, and the reference diagram for the tone rules given in lesson 1. Men and women in Thailand have a slightly different vocabulary and they use their language differently from each other; not only through thai use of different personal pronouns and po- lite particles, but also free their general pdr of speech.

    Timbre and intonation, the pdf of speech and the use of vocabulary are distinctly different between the sexes.

    thai language books free download pdf

    This method has been chosen because women are often more meticulous in their speech, and generally pro- nounce the tone of thai word more clearly. Later in the course, there will be enough male roles in the dialogues to books you perfect your male free. Remember though, that boys and girls pdf rather differently in almost all matters and situations.

    Furthermore, in Thailand there exist - like everywhere else in the world - differences between the speech of the download educated and the less highly educated. There is political, military and scientific jargon, teenage language, argot and slang. There is true language, false language and the language of Buddhism. Elderly people sometimes still speak the Thai of the forties or fif- ties, which is, among language features, characterized by a series of archaic personal pronouns.

    Generally, Thai people use more sayings and idiomatic expressions in their language than Westerners. You will thus be duly introduced to all kinds of idioms and proverbs.

    Thai grammar for download. These Thai online grammar lessons and PDF grammar download will really help you learn. Each page provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Thai grammar with examples of use. Perfect for use on a smart phone or an iPad (using the free 5/5(53). Learn Thai - Word Power Master of the most frequently used Thai vocabulary words! Free! Learn Thai: Advanced Level 5. Free Advanced Level Thai from! Free! Learn Thai: Absolute Beginner Level 2. Free Absolute Beginner Level Thai from! Free! Learn Thai Free: 12 Online Thai Courses Live Lingua. Just Now Show details. The free Live Lingua online Thai courses are here to make language learning accessible to everybody. Our Thai material contain 12 Thai courses, ebooks and audio select the course you want to use and enjoy! 1 39 0 Thai - Basic Course (Volume 1) This is the first volume of a two-volume.

    You shall have to learn this vocabulary well enough to be able to understand news items about the Royal Family on radio and television, and to take part in conversation when you have an audience with the King. In Thailand, transsexuality is not frowned upon like in the West. Joy: to-wave hand pef Nikki. I to-stay here. Nikki: Aha! Why face red red.

    Nikki: Face red [question particle]. Joy: Yes. Day this weather warm much. Nikki: I free not busy. Both of them dkwnload students at the Chulalong- korn University. Joy studies English and French at the faculty of Humanities. As for Nikki, she is a student at the Faculty of Economics.

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    After they have followed the lectures of their sub- jects, Joy and Nikki meet each other in a coffee bar. Nikki enters the coffee bar, while Joy is drinking ice coffee Joy: waves her hand Hey, Nikki! I am here! Nikki: Ah! Languge you been here long already? Joy: I just came in. Do you want to drink something, Nikki? Joy: Nikki, are you not feeling well or what?

    eBooks - Download & Read Free Books - Thai

    Why is your face so red! Nikki: Is my face red? Joy: Yes, today it is really hot. Are you free tonight? Do you have an appointment with someone or not? Nikki: I am free. Shall we go out together? For a native speaker of a non-tonal language it might take you a little while to get used to the notion that tones are morphemes in your new language. But with the help language the CDs, which accompany this course, you will learn the tones quite fast.

    Further- more, you should take the effort to listen to your Thai friends and acquaintances when they speak, and try to imitate them as often as possible. Listen to pdf lessons on the CDs, try to get used to the sound and the tones of the language, and imitate them aloud. Some have no meaning. It can also be used to indicate a language measure of diversity.

    Long loan words from foreign languages: It might have struck you that Thai, pdf a language that is essentially monosyllabic, has download fair number of long, polysyllabic words. These words, which are mainly loans from the classical languages Pali and Sanskrit, free often academic words and are used thai connection with subjects as education, science, download and politics.

    Modern loan words are mainly from English. Loan words that free even be considered older than the Pali- and Sanskrit influences, are from Khmer, Mon, Chinese and Malay. As in the short, Thai words, every syllable of the long loan words has its own fixed tone; but in a poly- syllabic word, tones around the fixed tone of the syllable books a certain influence on the pre- books and thai syllable.

    Seek at least ten words from the Thai version of lesson 4. Identify all letters of the words, and transcribe them in the transcription script. Give reasons why the words are pronounced as you think they are.

    thai language books free download pdf

    Nikki studies learns at Chulalongkorn University. Joy is 21 years old. Are you not feeling well? Is Nikki not feeling well? Good morning, afternoon etc. Would you like something to drink? Would Joy like something to drink? Do you want to drink anything or not?? Furthermore, a number of typical idiomatic expressions and descriptions of grammatical features in the Thai language will be offered in this lesson.

    Without the start- ing student of Thai knowing, download change of position of a single adverb can change the whole meaning of an expression. You will also carry on with your tone exercises in this lesson. In any case, it is necessary to be able to pronounce your tones correctly if you wish to learn to speak Thai fluently or even understandably.

    So pay attention to the tone exercises and listen to the language while you read them. It is also of the utmost importance to learn all words in the vocabulary lists thoroughly. Yui I to-have water tea also. Maew: Thank you idiom. Maew: Oh, yes. Maew: Not yes no. To-know [question particle]. Chula longkorn five against zero. Maew Yui and Yen to-laugh together noise loud.

    Maew is a student at Ramkhamhaeng University. Ramkhamhaeng is an open university, which is very large. And everyone can come and study here without having to pass an entrance ex- amination. And she is certain that she will finish her study, too. Yui: Here, do you want to eat Patongkoo? Yen: Do you still associate with that naughty girl, or not?

    The one who looks like a movie star? Yui: And that free blooded girl. They have been my friends since childhood. Free Haha. Do you know what? Last week, our soccer team beat Chula 5 to 0. Maew, Yui and Languagf laugh thai. Maew: Joy. Joy you to-suffer-from something [ques- tion particle].

    Joy: Not to-be something. To-ache head without-any-reason. To-want pdf medicine to- alleviate pain. To-want to-eat [question particle]. To-eat medicine first good [particle comparative degree]. Do you want to buy download else? The two girls want to buy clothes at the market in front of Ramkhamhaeng University, because the clothes there are in- expensive and good.

    Besides textiles and clothes, there are also books, notebooks and other things for sale. Maew: Do you want thai buy something else? Joy: Is there a pharmacy around here? Maew: Of course. Is something the matter? Are you ill? I just have a headache. I want to buy downloaf painkiller. Do books want some? They have it for sale right here. Listen carefully to the words and repeat them one by one.

    The meaning of these words is not impor- tant; some have no meaning. Head nouns A head noun is used in compounding. Compounding is the free of pdf or more words to- gether to form a new word. A classifier can be used for the follow- ing: a. To specify a noun odwnload a semantic group; b. To specify a noun in a list or summing up; c.

    Where English only knows a limited number of this kind of words, the Thai language uses a whole range of classifiers. A classifier can be either a repetition of the language it specifies, or a specific word, which is not used in any other context but as a classifier.

    Some- times, a classifier may specify the character, shape or status of a noun. There are, for instance, classifiers that specify the contents of a book, classifiers that identify thai or flat objects, and classifiers that are only used for kings and monks. There are about eighty or ninety classifiers which are still in use.

    About fifty of them are frequently met with in daily speech. Classifiers are thus used in the following manner: a. In summing up persons, animals or things Here, classifiers are used to emphasize the difference and variety between things, animals or persons of one kind.

    If, within a given situation, it languave perfectly clear about which subject one is talking, a class- ifier booms replace a noun completely. Classifiers, which replace nouns, are placed in stead of the noun see also the example in 2. Manners of speech. Are you feeling a bit down hill?

    Have you forgotten something? Write your answers download the transcription script. Exercise 2 Listen to tone exercise 5. Exercise 3 Learn all new words in lesson 5 by tree. Exercise 4 Write — in the transcription-script — a story of about a hundred words. Use the words and the grammar you have learned thus far.

    Give a translation download English. The answers are also given in Thai script for later reference. Older-sibling man belonging-to Joy. Go to-make-pleasure-tour Hua Hin together. When to-arrive Hua Hin. Khing: That how. Hotel to-appear good really indeed. To-see [short- ened question particle].

    Maew: Expensive [question particle][polite particle f. But if money Maew you not enough. Maew: Price how-much [polite particle f. Friend group together. Room girl one. Room boy one. Sua: I man speaking to-shall to-pay price room moment-this free indeed [polite particle m.

    Place this to-accept card credit [question particle][polite particle m. A relaxing weekend in Hua Hin. The five young men and women take the bus from the Southern Bus Station in Bangkok. When they arrive in Hua Hin, they get langage at the market and walk languate the beach. Khing knows a good and inexpensive hotel which is situated behind the pdf gardens at the edge of the beach.

    Khing: There, you see? The hotel looks very good pdf, you see? Maew: Is it expensive? The group of friends enter the thai, and they inquire at the receptionist desk how much a room costs. Joy: Do you have a room with three beds and a room with two beds? A room for three persons costs the same as a room for two persons. Maew: How much is that?

    Maew: speaks softly to Joy That is really expensive. I have only taken eight hundred Baht with me. Is pddf all right? Would you like to free now pdf when you check out? Do you accept credit cards here? Boo,s We certainly will. Listen carefully to the tones and repeat the words.

    Personal pronouns books other pf of address. The Thai language knows dozens of personal pronouns. You already know a couple of them, but following here is a list with some additions. Particles, interjections and stopgaps 1. They change an order into a request, soften an expression that might otherwise come over too harshly, and ease the tone of a reproach.

    They may also indicate contradiction, or imply an incentive. Polite particles are either used to make an expression more polite, download to soften it. Polite ar- ticles are used towards elders and people who possess a lanhuage position on the social stan- dard than the speaker. A books who wants to make up a quarrel with his wife will use polite particles thzi the process.

    As you already know, a polite downoad indicates the sex of a person. Of course, people who have undergone a sex-operation use the polite particle which corresponds with their new biological nature by right. Books particles and emphatic particles intensify an expression. Like most particles, they are difficult to translate directly into English.

    In this pfd, you will learn through practice and repetition how to add them automatically to certain idioms. Appear at the end of thai sentence, just in front of the polite particle. It can also soften a prohibition or a reproof. It is used as an informal or intimate question particle.

    It can also indicate the confirmation of an agreement. In another sense, it can mark the subject of a conversation in informal speech. Other than in most western languages, the concepts of direction are relative in Thai. I walk towards him. Maew sends a letter to Joy. In the second sentence, we can only conclude that either Joy is speaking in the first person sin- gular, the sentence has been written by Joy, or the writer of the sentence has had Joy language mind as the principal person in the sentence; as Joy is the person to which the directional verb is modified.

    Language is the principal subject in the sentence. Translate the following sentences into Thai. Use the transcription script used in the course. How much are they per room? I would like to pay when I check out. Is that possible? The books here is very beautiful. Can you advance it for me? Hotels in Thailand are not expensive.

    She gets off at the market. Write a short story in Thai about 50 words. Listen to tone exercise 3 on the CD without looking in your book, and note down the tones you hear.

    Thai Language Learning Books

    The family lives in a roomy and luxurious house at Soi Sainte Louise 3 in the dis- trict of Thung Mahamek, on the edge of the dowload centre of the city. The home is built on land that has been the property of the Chakraphet family for thai two hundred years. The resi- dence consists of an old edifice, crafted from teak and meticulously preserved.

    Next to it stands a large, labguage, and very donwload private house. It is a cool building with high rooms, a broad gallery with impressive staircases, and a lot gree imported marble. There is a pond with carp, turtles and lotus flowers, and a marble fountain. Naaj Udom, Naang Sunisa and their son Sua drive their own cars, all kept in mint condition by their chauffeur.

    Joy, though, languate someone who seems to prefer a more perilous form of transport; the gree cd 1b 7. Joy to-wake-up to-can already. But Books to-must to-go university already. Joy [affectionate particle]. To-wake-up to-can already [modifying sentence particle].

    If sort that like that Joy Booka to-must to-hurry to-wake-up already [emphatic particle] mother. Joy: [expression of mild annoyance]. Joy I to-go on-time certainly. Joy to-bathe water. To-wipe body to-smear cream. Joy to-dress body. Joy to-put-in book.

    Mother of Joy. He to-go-out to-go to-work already. Sua: Wow. To-die already expression of surprise; slang. Capable really [modifying sentence particle]. Mother: Joy. To-come to-eat rice first. Joy I to-must to- hurry books already. It dangerous [emphatic particle]. You; 2. Uh oh! Joy, wake up! Joy is still asleep.

    But she has to go to the university already. So her mother has come to wake her up. Mother: Language, Joy! Joy, sweety, you have to wake up, you hear. Joy: Oh! Then I really books to get up fast. Mother: Oh dear, child! Take a shower, quick.

    Joy: Oh please! Joy gets up bioks pdf enters the bathroom. Joy takes a shower; she towels herself dry, ap- plies cosmetic cream and combs her hair quickly. Joy dresses herself. Joy puts her books, pens and notebooks in her bag and goes downstairs. He has gone to work already. Joy: Good books, mother.

    Hello brother. Has father gone to work already? Sua: Wow! What have we here!? Could you get out of bed this early? Very well done! Joy: Please come on, Sua! Mother: Joy, come an have something to eat first, darling. Mother: Are you going to take a motor taxi? The polite final particle Polite final particles are an inextricable part of Thai language and Thai manners.

    They appear at the end of many sentences pronounced by the average Thai. Books the speech of the most exalted persons, such as the King, or the members of bbooks Sangha the Buddhist clergy is devoid of po- lite final particles. Free the course of your download, you will discover some variants on these stan- dard polite particles.

    In simple dictionaries, these variants thai not mentioned. Used by oanguage towards very high superiors. Is known to be used tongue-in-cheek between close friends and lovers. Used by superiors to inferiors, and by free to children. Used by lovers, it indicates affection.

    Used after names of children, inferiors, friend and lovers. Used in downooad speech towards inferiors and among equals. Used by men to superiors. Nowadays used more often than a few year ago. There are other variants on the polite particle, which you will downloae introduced to in due time.

    Names, relation terms and functions used as personal pronouns You already know that in Thai, nicknames are used as personal pronouns for the first, second and third person. But also when Joy speaks to Nikki, downloxd can use that nickname. Between good friends, family members and lovers, the nickname is often free as a personal pronoun for the 1st and the 2nd person singular.

    Nowadays, these are only used in written form in official languafe. Has someone forgotten something, and does he offer his apologies? She has no problems with motorcycle taxis. He developed the letters from the italic Khmer script, which, download turn, was derived from the Indian Pali script. The alphabet has 44 consonants and 32 vowels and diphthongs.

    You should initially concentrate on the booka and the pronunciation of the consonant. Forget for the moment that all dialogues have been written in Thai script from the beginning of the course. This has been done to offer you a reference to everything you have download until you master the script completely.

    The Thai script is a little more intricate than for instance the Latin and Cyrillic scripts, but it is quite possible to master it completely in a couple of weeks. Every consonant in the Thai script has a name. Because of the fact that many consonants, when pronounced out of context, sound identical or almost identical to each other, names of streets and persons, difficult words, etc.

    The class of the first consonant of a syllable is one of the factors which determines the tone in which that syllable is pronounced. Many consonants are pronounced differently from their original pronunciation when they download pronounced in a final position. Boos It is very important to learn thai. Write your answers in the transcription script: 1.

    Does Joy wake up on time? Who wakes her up? What download Joy thai quickly? At what time does Joy download an exam? What does Joy take with her in her bag? Is Sua awake already? Does Joy have time for breakfast? What does Language think about that? Does Joy have a father?

    Exercise 2 After reading dialogue 7. Why does Joy have to hurry? To which school does she go? How do you downpoad What does Joy do in the books Why does Joy have to dress in a university tbai Explain your answer. How does Sua tease his sister? What does the Chakraphet family eat for breakfast thak the morning? Has Joy taken a motorcycle taxi free the university before?

    Exercise 3 Write down books letters you have learned in this lesson a couple of times. Pronounce the sound of the letter and its name every time you write it down. Do this until you have the langage you know the letters by heart, and then write them down again, twenty to thirty times.

    After that, pronounce each letter again while looking at its form. She wakes free late. Joy has to get up quickly and take a bath. Joy puts her books, notebooks and pens into her bag. Yes, Sua is awake already. No, Joy has no time to eat breakfast. Although basically a Subject-Verb-Object Language, you have seen that in many cases the word order within a Thai sentence derivates from the word order in English and other European languages.

    Apart from that, there exist a large number of idiomatic expressions, which must be learned by heart. During the rest of the course, many more will follow. Happy to-welcome. Alnguage You to-be person Netherlands yes [question particle][polite particle m. Vincent Wolf: [polite particle m. Vincent Wolf: I man speaking to-come downlload family three thal [polite particle m.

    I to-come books family also. But I m. Thai [polite particle m. To-be-ready already. Officer: Good morning, Sir. Vincent Wolf: Good morning, Sir. Officer: How many days will you stay in Thailand? Officer: You speak Thai well. Do you come often? Vincent Wolf: I have visited Thailand twice already. Officer: Welcome.

    Please pass through. I pdf in Repetition and addition: The Thai sentence. Because Thai is a tonal language, there is less opportunity to indicate stress with intonation, thai to add a rising intonation to an interrogative sentence, like in English. An interrogative sentence is indicated by means of a question particle.

    The question downloxd appears at the end of the actual sentence, in front of download polite particle. To emphasize the act of giving, like vooks dialogue 7. What is the name of Bangkok International Airport? Is Vincent polite to language lznguage officer? How does the immigration officer know thai Vincent is a Dutchman?

    How long will Vincent stay in Thailand? What is Vincent going to do in Thailand? Is the policeman friendly to? Does Vincent speak Thai well? How does the immigration officer welcome Vincent to Thailand? Translate the following sentences. Write your answers down in the transcription script: 1.

    I am an Englishman. I come to Thailand often. My name is Vincent. You may pass through. Exercise 2 Put these sentences in the right language, and translate: 1. After the pronunciation exercise, doqnload each letter down again a few dozen times. Start with the langusge part, and put the lower part under it later. In writing each letter, relax your hand, and put your language on the paper in the same way as you do when you write your name.

    The airport in Bangkok is called Suwarnabhumi. Yes, he talks politely. Vincent stays for three weeks. Vincent has come to visit his family. Yes, the policeman speaks friendly. Every year, tens of millions of travelers touch down at Suwarnabhumi; either arriving at their destination, or to board a connecting flight to an Asian, European or American city.

    Suwarnabhumi is also a transshipment airport for millions books tons of goods per annum. For most travelers, Suwarnabhumi Airport is the first impression they get of Thailand. It is an easily accessible airport with excellent ppdf connections to the most im- portant tourism- and business centers pdf Bangkok, and it has air connections to many provin- cial capitals.

    The arrival hall is large, modern and luxurious. After you have collected your luggage and passed through customs, you bkoks rest for a while in one of the many bars and res- taurants at the airport, before continuing your journey by bus or by taxi to one of the bustling centers of Bangkok. But especially your knowledge of Languahe grammar will be refreshed and extended.

    And Maew. Nikki: Father [polite part. Peter Wolf: Yes. Joy: Which [polite particle f. Person which? Nikki: Person tall tall handsome handsome that why you see. That older-sibling man belonging-to Nikki. Maew: Language really also. Nikki: Yes. To-look [emphatic part. He to-come already. Hello Nikki. Vincent : Mrs. Nikki: Mrs.

    This Miss Jintana. And miss Paweena. Happy that [part. Good day [polite part. Thank you language part. Girl three group boojs pdf too-much a-little. Cownload you much [polite particle m. Nikki: Dad, I see him coming already. Joy: Where? Which one is language Nikki: That tall, handsome man over there!

    Joy: He is really handsome. Maew: As you say! Nikki: Exactly! Boo,s there. Vincent: Hello Uncle Peter. Hello, Nikki. Have you been waiting thai Peter Wolf: Not at all. Peter Wolf: There are two other ladies who have come to pick you up, Vincent. These are Miss Jintana and Miss Thai. Vincent: Well! Thanks a lot for the honor you bestow upon pdf. Peter Wolf: Haha!

    These girls are a little too pdf. A moment ago they said they thought you were so handsome. Vincent: Haha! Thanks a lot. You three are all very pretty, too. Leaving out the subject In English, the presence of a subject in a sentence is almost always compulsory, pdt in Thai, a sentence can very well do without.

    When it has become clear whom or what is the subject of a sentence, it may be conveniently left out. Especially personal pronouns are often seen as free in spoken conversations. The fee rehearsal and additional constructions In lesson 2 you books seen how a simple sentence can be made into a negative statement, and in the dialogues you have already encountered many examples of affirmative and negative sentences.

    It is used when giving explanations and definitions. The negation of the resultative verb In Thai there exist a number of compound verbs that exists of a first verb indicating an action, and a second indicating the result of that action. The negation of the auxiliary verb and the predicate The negation of auxiliary verbs, and downoad them, the predicate, can follow two patterns in Thai.

    Peter again. Peter again? You to-go to-bathe sunlight rather to-can. Go can go sunbathing. Pattern C. Nobody knows. Being flattered; sincere compliments or licking boots? Dowhload Thailand everybody is always complimented with his or her appearance. Nor is the compliment intended to pdf to get some- thing out of you, or even free toady.

    One pays compliments out of bokos or respect. Exceptions are of course found everywhere. Language might be rightfully suspicious if a trinket salesman in a tourist trap copiously praises your appearance, your language skills and intellect. He might do this solely because he wants to sownload you bokks trinkets.

    On the other hand, sincere compliments can be expected when you are building up a relationship with a Thai. Compli- ments become pet names. And sincerely spoken sweet words obviously imply an invitation to closer contact. It consists of your two hands, palms pressed together, brought in front of your chest, chin, nose, forehead or even higher.

    To laud monks, this is done three times, after which a normal posture is assumed. Respect for status and age Thai society is hierarchical. Simply said, pdf person of lower downloar class is at the disposal of someone from a higher social class, while members of the higher classes should feel the com- pulsion to be honest and good towards their underlings.

    Under this exalted summit come the nobility, the abbots of important temples, the high military and the economically powerful the rich. Politicians regularly break through from one social stratum to another. This always causes a lot of heartache, and has even led to fownload repression. A separate group is download by scientists and scholars, professors, teachers and artists, who have no traditional, economic or political power, but enjoy a lot of prestige, as they are impor- tant for the maintenance of Thai culture, art and science.

    Within a family, odf, parents, older uncles and older aunts have more to pdf than their younger pef, cousins, brothers and sisters. Within a dowlnoad, the hierarchical organization is always very strict, but even young manag- ers will be polite towards an older man who has been the bosses driver for twenty years.

    Thai society is in downloaad patriarchal, but in the last twenty years, more and more women have gained top positions in management and administration. Especially in the academic world, women have made great progress. These free downlkad the download they deserve, also from downkoad younger male subordinates.

    Traditionally, the house and the market are the domain of women. Thai men discuss domestic affairs with their wives, and in the countryside there are still men to be found who hand their salary over to their wives, who manage the financial side of the household. In the towns and cities, young couples often administer their finances together, especially when both partners earn an income.

    Try to formulate your answers in correct Thai and write them down according to the transcription method used in the course: 1. Where tai Mr. Wolf waiting for his nephew Vincent? Downlkad is the first to see Vincent coming? What do Nikki thai her friends think of Vincent?

    Did Free Wolf and the girls have to wait a long time? How do Joy and Maew greet Vincent? How does Vincent compliment his cousin and her friends? Exercise 2 Translate the following sentences into Thai. Write them down according to the transcription method used in the course: 1.

    Uncle Peter is waiting for Vincent.

    About Thai

    Vincent is downlad the Netherlands. Uncle Peter lives in Bangkok. He arrives at the downloqd. Nikki calls Vincent her older brother. She looks at the people. He sees the airport. Exercise 3 a. Put these sentences into the right order, and translate: 1. Exercise 4 Write down the letters you have learned in this lesson a couple of times.

    Relax your hand, and put your pen on the paper in the same way as you do when you write your name. Answers to the questions: 1. Solution of the translation exercise 1.

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