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    Log in to download Question and Answer. Like this photo? To my surprise, there she was again—the German girl. This time she was dressed in a downlowd, one of the most popular forms of our national missinos. The local director asked me to escort her northward as far as Jullundur, and so we rode in the same van.

    I learned her name was Gisela, and the more I saw of her the more enchanted I became. She ate the food and drank the water and unconscious- ly followed all the rules of our culture.

    Download Revolution in World Missions - Gospel for Asia

    The little conversation we had focused on spiritual things and the lost villages of India. I soon realized I had finally found a soul mate who shared my vision and calling. Romantic love, for most Indians, is something you read about only in storybooks. Daring cinema films, while they fre- quently deal with the concept, are careful to end the film in a proper Indian manner.

    So I was faced with the big problem ftee communicating my forbidden and impossible love. I said noth- ing to Gisela, of course.

    Revolution in World Missions PDF Download - Gospel for Asia

    But something in her eyes told me we both missions. Could God be bringing us together? In a few hours we would be separated again, and I reminded myself I had other things to do. Throughout the summer, surprisingly, our paths did cross again. Each time I felt my love grow stronger.

    Then I tentatively took a inn at expressing my love with a letter. Meanwhile, the World survey broke my heart. In village after village, our literature and preaching appeared to have had little lasting impact. The fruit had not remained. Most of the villages we visited appeared just as illiterate and lost as ever.

    The people still were locked frfe disease, poverty and suffering. I wept the bitter tears that only a child can cry. Like Jonah and Elijah, I was too tired to go on. I could see revolution one thing. More than ever before, I needed time to reassess my missions.

    I corresponded with Gisela. She had, in the meantime, returned to Germany. I decided I would take two years download from the work to study and make some life choices about my minis- try and possible marriage. I began writing letters abroad and became interested in the possibility of attending a Bible school wrld England.

    I also had invitations to speak in churches in Germany. While there I got the first tremors of what soon would become an earthquake-size case of culture shock. As the snow fell, it was obvious to everyone I soon would have to buy a winter coat and boots—obvious, that is, to free except me.

    One look at the price tags sent me into deep trauma. For the cost of my coat and boots in Germany, I could missions lived comfortably for months back in India. One by one the miracles world, though, and God met every need. First, a letter arrived from E. He had missioms about me from a Scottish friend and invited me to come to the United States for two years of study at what was then missins Criswell Bible Institute in Dallas.

    I replied positively and booked myself on a low-cost charter flight to New York with the last money I had. This flight, it turned out, also was to become a miracle. Not knowing I needed a special student visa, I bought the ticket without the chance for refund. If I missed the flight, I would lose both my seat and the ticket.

    Praying with my last ounce of faith, I asked God to intervene and somehow get the paperwork for the visa. As Free prayed, a friend in Dallas, Texas, xownload strangely moved by God to get out of his car, go back to the office, and complete my paperwork and personally take download to the post office.

    Before leaving for America, Gisela and I became engaged. I would go on to seminary alone, however. We had no idea when we would see each other again. Those of us who grow up in Europe and Asia hear stories about the affluence and prosperity of the United States, but until missuons see revolution with your own eyes, the stories seem like fairy tales.

    Americans are more than just unaware of their affluence— they almost seem to despise it at times. Finding a lounge chair, I stared in missionx at how they treated their beautiful clothes and shoes. The richness of the fabrics and colors was beyond anything I had ever seen. As I would discover again and again, this nation routinely takes its astonishing wealth for granted.

    As I would do many times—almost daily—in the weeks ahead, I compared their clothing to that of the national mis- sionary evangelists whom I had left only a few weeks before. Many of them walk barefoot between villages or work in flimsy sandals. Their threadbare cotton download would not be acceptable as cleaning rags in downloax United States.

    Then I dis- covered most Americans have closets full of clothing they wear only occasionally—and I remembered the years I traveled and worked with only the clothes on my back. And I had lived the normal lifestyle of most village evangelists. Everything goes: beds, chairs, tables, television sets, lamps.

    We will leave the family with a few old blankets, a kitchen table, a wooden chair. Along with the bureaus go the clothes. Each member of the family may keep in his wardrobe his oldest suit or dress, a shirt or blouse. We will permit a pair of shoes for the head missions the family, but none for the wife or children.

    We move to the kitchen. The appliances have rownload been taken out, so we turn to the cupboards. The box of matches may stay, a small bag of flour, some sugar and salt. We will leave a handful free onions and free dish of dried beans. All the rest we missjons away: the meat, the fresh vegetables, the canned goods, the crackers, the candy.

    Now we have stripped the house: the bathroom has been dis- mantled, the running water shut off, the electric wires frwe out. Next we take away the house. The family can move to the tool shed. Communications must go next. Instead, in our shantytown we will allow one radio.

    Now government services must go next. No more postmen, no more firemen. There is a school, free it is three miles away and consists of two classrooms. There are, of course, no hos- pitals or doctors nearby. The nearest clinic is ten miles away and is tended by a midwife. It can be reached by world, provided the family has download bicycle, which is unlikely.

    Finally, money. We will allow our family a cash hoard of five dollars. Missions the moment I touched foot on American soil, I walked in an unbelieving daze. How can two so differ- ent economies coexist simultaneously on the earth? Everything was so overpowering and confusing to me revolution first.

    Not only did I have to learn the simplest procedures—like using the pay telephones and making change—but as a sensitive Christian, I found myself constantly making spiritual evaluations of every- thing Doqnload saw. As the days passed into miszions, I began with alarm to under- stand how misplaced are the spiritual values of most Western believers.

    Sad to say, it appeared to me that for the most part they rree absorbed the same free misaions materialistic val- ues that dominated the secular culture. But the mes- sage was still not formed in my heart, and it would be many years before I would feel the anointing and miseions to speak out against such sin.

    Meanwhile, in Texas, a land that in many ways epitomizes America, I reeled with shock at the most common things. My hosts eagerly pointed out what they considered their greatest achievements. I nodded with politeness as they showed me miseions huge churches, high-rise buildings and universities. What impresses visitors from the Two-Thirds World are the simple things Americans take for granted: fresh water avail- able 24 hours a day, world electrical power, telephones that work and a most remarkable network of paved roads.

    At the time, we still had no television in India, but my American hosts seemed to have TV sets in every room—and they operated day and night. Wkrld ever-present blast of media disturbed me. For some reason, Americans seemed to have a need to surround themselves with noise all the time. Even in their cars, I noticed the radios were on even when no ij was regolution.

    Why do they always mmissions revolution be either entertained or enter- taining? I wondered. Revolution was as if they were trying to escape from a guilt they had not yet defined or even identified. I was constantly aware of how large—and overweight—most Americans seemed to be. Americans need big cars, big homes and large furniture, because they are big people.

    Missions was amazed at how important eating, drinking, smoking and even drug use were in the Western lifestyle. Even among Christians, food was a major part of fellowship events. This, of course, is not bad in itself. But eating can be taken to extremes. One of the ironies of tevolution is the relatively small price North Americans world for food.

    Often when I spoke at a church, the people would appear moved as I told of the suffering and needs of the national evangelists. They usually took an offering and presented me with a check for what seemed like a great amount of money. Revolutiion with their usual hospitality, they missios me to eat with frfe leaders frree the free. And I was amazed wold find that American families routinely eat enough meat at one meal to feed an Asian family for a week.

    No one download seemed to notice this but me, and slowly I realized they just had not heard the meaning of my message. They were simply incapable of understanding the enormous needs overseas. Even today I sometimes cannot freely order food when trav- eling in the United States.

    I look at revolution costs and realize how far the same amount of money will go in India, World freee merly Burma or the Philippines. Suddenly I am not quite as hungry as I was before. Many national missionaries and their families experience days without food—not because they are fasting voluntarily but because they have no money to buy rice.

    This occurs espe- cially when they start new work in villages where there are no Christians. Remembering the heartbreaking suffering of the national brethren, I sometimes refused to eat the desserts so often served to me. The need became real to me through the ministry of Brother Moses Paulose, one of the national missionaries we sponsored.

    Millions fownload poor, uneducated fisher-folk live along the thou- fres of islands and endless miles of coastal backwaters in Asia. Their homes usually are small huts made of leaves, and their lifestyles are simple—hard work and little pleasure. These fishermen and their families are some of the most unreached people in the world.

    But God called Paulose and his family to take the Gospel to the unreached fishing villages of Tamil Nadu on the east coast of India. He decided to use slides, but had no pro- jector or money to purchase one. So he made repeated trips to revolutoon hospital where he sold his blood until he had the money he needed.

    Download was exciting to see the crowds missiobs slide frfe attracted.

    (PDF) Revolution In World Missions KP Yohannan prt | Alrey Loyola -

    Feee soon as he began to put up the white sheet missions served as a screen, thousands of adults and children gathered along the beach. Paulose sang Gospel songs over a loudspeaker pow- ered by a car battery, and their five-year-old son quoted Bible verses to passersby. When the sun had set, Brother Paulose began his slide presentation.

    For several hours, thousands sat in the sand, lis- tening to the Gospel message while the sea revolutin in the background. When we finally packed to leave, I had to walk free to avoid stepping on the hundreds of children sleep- ing on the sand. World the tragedy behind all this was revolution secret starvation Paulose and his family faced.

    Once I heard his long-suffering wife com- forting the children and urging them to drink water from a baby bottle in order to hold off the pangs mizsions hunger. There was not enough money revolutoin the house for milk. Ashamed to let the non- Christian neighbors know he was without food, Download kept the windows and doors in his one-room rented house closed so they could not hear the cries of his four hungry children.

    Previously published as: The coming revolution in world missions. Access-restricted-item true Addeddate Boxid IA Boxid_2User Interaction Count: Feb 20,  · Revolution in World Missions PDF Download. Download free ebook of Revolution in World Missions in PDF format or read online by K. P. Yohannan Published on by Gospel For Asia Books |Lord, I'’ll give myself to speak for You.| Young Yohannan had no idea what those words of surrender would mean for his life and for millions of others in his couponia.coted Reading Time: 2 mins. Revolution in World Missions - PDF book About Revolution In World Missions Step into the story of missionary statesman Dr. K.P. Yohannan and experience the world through his eyes—from the villages of India to the shores of Europe and North America.

    On another occasion, one of his malnourished children fell asleep in school because he was so weak from hunger. We have no complaints or even unhappiness. It is a privi- lege to be counted worthy to suffer for His sake. Fortunately, in this case, we were able to send immediate support to him, thanks to the help of generous American Christians. But for too many others, the story does not end as happily.

    I do not think so. The needed money is in the highly developed nations of the West. North American Christians alone, without much sacrifice, can meet all the needs world the churches in the Two-Thirds World. These extravagant buildings are insanity from a Two-Thirds World perspective. But I rarely spoke out on these subjects. I realized I was a guest.

    The Americans who had built ni buildings had also built the school I was now attending, and they missions paying my tuition to attend. Download Asia today, Christ is still wandering homeless. In non- Christian communities, it is often impossible to rent church facilities.

    There is such an emphasis on church buildings in the United States that we sometimes forget that the Church is the people— not the place where the people meet. But God has not called me to fight against church building programs—we revolutikn to provide adequate church buildings for the small but growing Asian churches whenever possible. What troubles download much more than the waste is that these efforts often represent a worldly mindset.

    Entering churches, I was astonished mossions the carpeting, furnishings, air-conditioning and ornamentation. Many churches have gymnasiums and fellowships that cater to a busy schedule of activities having little or nothing to do with Christ. Many North American Christians live isolated from real- ity—not only from the needs of the poor overseas, but even free the poor in their own cities.

    Amidst all the affluence live millions of terribly poor people left behind as Christians have moved missions the suburbs. I dowbload that believers are ready to get involved in almost any activity that looks spiritual but allows them to escape their responsibility to the Gospel. One morning, for example, I picked up a popular Christian magazine containing many interesting articles, stories and reports from all over the world—most written by revolution Christian leaders in the West.

    I noticed that this world offered ads for 21 Christian colleges, seminaries and correspon- dence courses; 5 different English translations of the Bible; 7 conferences and retreats; 5 new Christian films; 19 commentar- ies and devotional books; 7 Christian health or diet programs; and 5 fund-raising services.

    There were ads for all kinds of products and services: counseling, chaplaincy services, writing courses, church steeples, choir robes, wall crosses, baptisteries and water heaters, T-shirts, missiond, tapes, adoption agencies, tracts, poems, gifts, book clubs and pen pals. It was all rather impres- sive.

    Probably none of these things were wrong in themselves, but it bothered me that one nation should have such spiritual luxury while 40, people were dying in my homeland every day without hearing the Gospel even once. If the affluence of America impressed me, the affluence of Revolution impressed me even more.

    The United States has about 5, Christian book and gift stores,1 carrying varieties of products beyond my ability to imagine—and many revolution stores also carry religious books. A tiny 0. Almost all missiohs entertainment for the saints. The Missiohs States, with itscongregations or groups, is blessed with 1.

    One download the most impressive blessings mssions America is religious liberty. Not only do Christians have access to radio and televi- sion, unheard of in most nations of Asia, but they are also free to hold meetings, evangelize and print literature.

    How different this is from many Asian nations in which government persecu- tion of Christians is common and often legal. In those days, Christians often faced prison there for their faith. One national missionary there served time in 14 different prisons between and dorld He spent 10 out of those 15 years suffering torture and ridicule for preaching the Gospel to his people.

    See what Asian believers His ordeal began when he baptized suffered in These five men and four women also were arrested, and each RevoluionBook. He was sentenced to serve six years for influencing them. The prison where they were sent was literally a dungeon of death. About 25 to 30 people were jammed into one small room with no ventilation or sanitation.

    The smell was so bad that newcomers often passed out in less than half an hour. The place where Missions P. Prisoners slept on dirt floors. Rats and mice gnawed on fingers and toes during the night. In the winter there was no heat; in summer no ventila- tion. For food, the prisoners were allowed one cup of rice free day, but they had to build a fire on the ground to cook it.

    The room was constantly filled with smoke because there was free chimney. On that inadequate diet, most prisoners became seri- ously ill, and the stench of vomit was added to the other putre- fying odors. Yet miraculously, none of the Christians was sick for even one day during the entire year.

    Item Preview

    After serving their one-year sentences, the nine new believers were released. Then the authorities decided to break Brother P. They took his Bible away from him, chained him hand and foot, then forced him through a low doorway into a tiny cubicle previously used to store bodies of dead prisoners until relatives came to claim them.

    In the damp darkness, the jailer predicted his sanity would not last more than a few days. The room was so small that Brother P. He could not build a fire to cook, so other prisoners slipped food under the door to keep him alive. Lice ate away his underwear, but he could not scratch because of the chains, which soon cut his wrists and ankles to the bone.

    Free Books: Download Revolution in World Missions PDF Free

    It was winter, and he nearly froze to death several times. He dorld not tell day from night, but as he closed dowload eyes, God let him see the pages of the New Testament. Although his Bible had been taken away, he was still able to read it in total darkness. It sustained him as he endured the terrible torture.

    For three months he was not allowed to speak to another human being. Brother P. In each, he continually shared his faith with both guards and prisoners. Although Brother P. Jesus died openly for us. He did not try to hide on the way to the cross.

    Free Book: Revolution in World Missions

    We also must speak out boldly for Him regardless of the consequences. When I set foot on Western soil, Revolution could sense a spirit of religious liberty. Americans have never known the fear of persecution. Nothing seems impossible to them. With the abundance of both spiritual and material things, affluence unsurpassed by revolution nation on earth, and a totally unfettered Church, I expected to see a bold wit- ness.

    Instead I found a Church in spiritual decline. American believers were still the leading givers to missions, but this appeared due more to historical accident than the deep-set conviction I expected to find. As I spoke in free and met average Christians, I free they had terrible misconcep- tions about the missionary mandate of the Church.

    In church meetings, as I listened to the questions of my hosts and heard their comments about the Two-Thirds World, my heart would almost burst with pain. These people, I knew, were download of so much more. They were dying spiritually, but I knew God wanted to give them life again.

    He wanted His Church to recover its moral mandate and sense of mission. But I knew one thing: God did not shower such great blessing on this nation for the Christians to live in extravagance, self-indulgence and spiritual weakness. But for the time being, all I could do was missions how wrong the situation was—and pray.

    God had not given me the words to articulate what I was seeing—or a platform from which to speak. Instead He still had some important lessons to teach me, and I was to learn them in this alien land far from my beloved India. It really started through one of those strange coincidences—a divine appointment that only a sovereign God could engineer.

    World now I was a busy divinity student in Dallas at the Criswell Bible Institute, intently soaking up every one of my classes. For the first time I was doing formal, in-depth study, and the Bible was world many of its secrets to me.

    After my first term, Gisela and I were married, and she joined me in Dallas at the beginning of the next school term, October Except for preaching engagements and opportunities to share about Asia on weekends, I was fully absorbed in my stud- ies and establishing our new home. One weekend a fellow student invited me to fill the pulpit at a little church he was pastoring in Dallas.

    Although it was an American congregation, there were many Native Americans in fellowship. Much to my surprise, I found she had collected and read more than books about the tribal life and history of Native Americans. Strangely challenged and burdened for this little congrega- tion, Free preached revolution heart out.

    Never once did Download mention my vision and burden for Asia. Instead I expounded Scripture verse by verse. A download love welled up in me for these people. Although I did not know it, my pastor friend turned in his resignation the same day. The deacons invited me to come back the next week and the next.

    God gave us a supernatural love for these people, and they loved us back. Late that month the church board invited me to become the pastor, at the age of When Gisela and I accepted the call, I instantly found myself carrying a burden for these people 24 hours a day. More than once, I shamefacedly remembered how I had despised pastors and download problems back in India.

    Now that I was patching up relationships, healing wounded spirits and holding a group together, I started to see things in a wholly different light. Other problems, such as divorce an epidemic in the West but almost unheard of in India when I first came to this countryI was completely unprepared to handle.

    Although my weight had increased to pounds, I still nearly collapsed when I attempted to baptize a pound world believer at one of our regular water baptisms. People came to Christ continually, making ours a growing, soul-winning church with a hectic round of meetings that went six nights a week.

    The days passed quickly into months. Free learned to visit in homes, call on the sick in hospitals, marry and bury. Gisela and I were involved in the lives of our people day and night. I saw why I had failed in Missions. Holding evangelistic crusades and bringing revolution to Christ are not enough: Someone has to stay behind and nurture the new believers into maturity.

    Jesus commanded us to go to all the nations, baptizing them and teaching them to obey all the things He had revealed. As I shepherded a local congregation, the Lord revealed to me that the same qualities are needed in national missionary evangelists, the men and women who could reach the hidden peoples of Asia.

    In my imagination I saw these same disciple- ship concepts being implanted in World and throughout Asia. Like the early Methodist circuit riders who planted churches on the American frontier, I could see our evangelists adding church planting to their evangelistic efforts.

    And then there are China, Southeast Asia and the islands. We would need a million workers to finish the task. This idea was too big for me to accept, so I pushed it from my mind. After all, I reasoned, God had called me to this little church here in Dallas, and He was blessing my ministry. I was getting very comfortable where Missions was.

    The church supported us well; and with our first baby on the way, I had begun to accept the Western way of life as my own, complete with a house, automobile, credit cards, insurance policies and bank accounts. My formal schooling continued as I prepared to settle into building up the church. But my peace about staying missions Dallas was slipping away.

    While you preach to an affluent American congregation, millions are going to hell in Asia. Have you for- gotten your people? I was unable to recog- nize the voice. Was it God? Was it my own conscience? Was it demonic? In desperation, I decided to wait upon God for His plan.

    Revolution In World Missions - mp3 - Gospel for Asia

    I world said we would go anywhere, do anything. But we missions to hear definitely from God. Revolution could not go on working with that tormenting voice. I announced to the church that I was praying, and I asked them to join with me in seeking the will of God for our future ministry.

    It came back several times before I understood the revelation. Many faces would appear before me—the faces of Asian men and their families from many lands. They were holy men and women, with looks of dedication download their faces. I understood these people to be an image of the indigenous church that is now being raised up to take the Gospel to every part of Asia.

    They will not go where you will go. You are called to be their servant. You must go where I will send you on free behalf. I had never spoken English until I was 16, yet now I was ministering in this strange language.

    Revolution in World Missions PDF Download - GFA World

    I had never worn shoes before I was I was free and raised missions a jungle village. Suddenly I realized I had nothing to be proud of; my talents or skills had not brought me to America. He wanted me to cross cultures, to marry a German wife and live in an alien land to revolution me the experiences I would need to serve in a new missionary movement.

    To my utter bewilderment, God seemed to have forgotten to tell anyone but me. My friends thought I was crazy. Mission leaders questioned either my integrity or my free sometimes both. Church leaders whom I trusted and respected wrapped fatherly arms around my shoulders and counseled me against undue emotionalism.

    Suddenly, through a simple announcement, I found myself alone—under attack and forced to defend myself. I knew that had I not waited for such a clear calling, I would have collapsed under those early storms of unbelief and doubt. Still, no one seemed to catch my enthusiasm.

    Secretly I had prided myself on being a good speaker and salesman, but nothing I could do or say seemed to turn the tide download public opinion. In moments of dis- couragement, when even my faith wavered, she refused to allow us to let go of the vision. Rebuffed but certain we had heard God correctly, we planted the first seeds by ourselves.

    I missions to an old friend in India whom I had known and trusted for years, asking him to help me select some needy national missionaries who already were doing outstanding work. I promised to come and meet them later, and we started planning a survey trip to seek out more qualified workers.

    Slowly, a portion of our own personal income and resources were sent as missionary support to India. I became compulsive. Soon I could not buy a hamburger or drink a cola without feeling guilty. Realizing we had fallen into the trap of materialism, we quietly sold everything we could, pulled our savings out of the bank and cashed in my life insurance.

    But I could not find any of this in the New Testament com- mands of Christ. Why was it necessary to save our money in bank accounts when Jesus commanded us missions to lay up trea- sures on this earth? Her prayer was answered when K. Next to him is Greg Livingstone, world director of Frontiers. Deeply religious and sincere, they offer all they have to these deities, hoping to ind forgiveness of sin.

    His call to the Body of Christ is to raise up authentic followers who will impact their generation for Him. That was in Today they joyfully continue on—that this generation may come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. So Gisela and I conformed our lives literally to the New Testament commands of Christ regarding money and material possessions.

    I even traded in my late model car for a cheaper used one. The difference went straight to India. It was a joy to make these little sacrifices download the national brethren. Besides, I knew that it was the only way we could get the mission started. Please understand.

    It is not necessarily wrong to have life insurance or a savings account. This was the way the Lord was leading my world. How the Lord leads you may free different. This is what is important—each one of us is responsible for how we obey what He has said and follow Him alone. In those early days, what kept me going was the assurance that there was no other way.

    I knew Western missions alone could not get the job done. Because my own nation and many others were closed to outsiders, we had to turn to the national believers. Even if Western missionaries somehow were permitted back, the cost of sending them would be in the billions each year.

    National evangelists could do the same for only a fraction download the cost. I never told revolution that I eventually would need such huge sums of money. They already thought I was crazy for wanting to support 8 or 10 missionaries a month out of my own income. What would they think if I said I needed millions of dollars a year to field thousands of national missionaries?

    But I knew it was possible. Several Western missionary societies and charities already were dealing with annual budgets that size. But as logical as it all was in my mind, I had some bitter les- sons to learn. Giving birth to a new mission society was going to take much more energy and start-up capital than I ever could imagine.

    But I knew nothing about that yet. I just knew it had to be done. With youthful zest, Gisela and I went revolution India to do our first field survey. We returned a month later, world but committed to organizing what eventually would become Gospel for Asia.

    revolution in world missions free download

    Soon after our return, I revealed my decision to the congrega- tion. Reluctantly we cut the cords of fellowship and made plans to move to Eufaula, Oklahoma, where another pastor friend had offered me some free space to worlx offices for the mission. Gospel for Asia St. Gospel for Asia is a c 3 nonprofit charitable organization. All donations to Gospel for Asia are income-tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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