Baby shoot background psd free download

baby shoot background psd free download

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  • Suspect any 85 in highest level greens shouldn't have a problem - lower levels with increased chance to miss and lower dps on adds may have slight issues free ymmv. Good luck and bwby hunting. Comment by mewmewface Friday June 10 am server time pacific time on chogall backgruond.

    Comment by Cnith I'm so annoyed right now. I stumbled across this rare mob on my druid, and proceeded to mount it, but was unable to attack, so all I could do was to wait until the little adds killed me. Does anybody know if the rare mob despawns after a failed attempt, because I was unable to re-find it, after I logged into my main character to have psd go with something that might not free out, like going from Flight Form to the dragons back.

    Edit: After many tries at getting a non-automated halfarsed reply, I seem to finally have gotten one: Greetings, I'm Game Master Zallriot and i've reviewed the ticket you submitted through our support site. I have investigated downlozd issue you reported and from what I can see, Aeonaxx is intended to behave like the Time-Lost Proto Drake.

    In so far as he will despawn if he's someone fails bzckground kill him. If you have any further questions, or anything else you baby a hand with, don't hesitate to contact us and I or one of my colleagues will gladly download. You can do this baby choosing the 'I still have background problem' option.

    Blizzard Europe. I do wonder if I in my panic to dps the dragon forgot the last downolad to either click the bird form button again, or click it off, but at least clicking the Cat Form didn't work, and was blacked out, so there's a possible bug abckground. Comment by Do hunter pets stay out when background on the drake?

    Psd by Tankjr01 Killed Aeonaxx on Ysodre, at server time, guess I dont need to tell to much detail as theres comments at this posting Had him down by the time we reached therazanes throne. Was a accident really, been in the storm peaks for 3 years! Whipped his shoot as a mage, didnt even mess psr adds, easy fight for a ok geared Comment by For all of you saying that this fight is "bugged" because you mount Aeonaxx by the claws instead of his back Are you so sure that you haven't been grabbed, and taken for a ride by this psdd

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    Comment by Aataxis Well as weird as it sounds, I was farming the Stonecore Vitreous Drake with 2 of my arena mates, and got it in the first run. Enough luck for freaking 6 months. We went out to reset the instance and my NPCscan went off with "Aeonaxx" My hands are still shaking.

    Photo Collage Wedding Invitation Template

    Got both baby in a matter of 15 minutes. Comment by Found on Dunemaul at about 43, 47 flying counter clockwise - would be the easiest way to describe - at server time. Height wasn't that high. Fight is quick for me being a hunter with no pet available lol didn't have to hit the whelps once only noticed 2 flying under.

    His body despawned very quickly. Ended up landing at about 49, 37 where all the gyro things tunnel around. Decided to post here as well as the Aeonaxx post Good luck hunting hope this helps. Comment by BrittneyDaun Got this today! I was sooooooo happy when i logged on shoot saw him, i have been camping him for about 6 days. I just sat at the entrace to stonecore, he flys just a lil lower than that easily spotted from there.

    Relm Agammagan, relm time pm. Easily killed, didnt even worry about the adds, Dragon is killed super fast took me maybe 2 min to kill. Comment by i found the toon this morning at am pacific time, was using the npc addon and bam up he came, the fight was easy, we flew around the zone a few times while i beat him down was right out side of the dungeon area woot stoked.

    Comment download Hoboonaparkbench I was waiting on the spawn for Jadefang last night to get the pet and got bored and logged off and when I came back on I was still in Deepholm so I decided to check to see if he was up, he just happened to be psd after 10 minutes of trying to find him I had to revert to here to figure out how to find and get to him I got the companion pet off of him.

    I then decided I would wait and see if Aeonaxx would spawn and again I got bored and logged off and then I logged back on a few hours later and was still in Deepholm and sure enough Shoot spawned baby 5 minutes later and I got the mount. All I can say is keep an eye out, you never know when you're going to get lucky.

    I also found Aeonaxx halfway between The Temple of the Earth and Deathwing's Fall at about the Stonecore instance altitude; he had literally just spawned. I flew right into my NPC scan went off too, but since I background flew right into him, all it did was startle me more I hit mount and began damaging him. It took about 10 minutes to get him down, and then after I did land, I landed right in the middle of a group of mobs.

    He was right at the entrance of the Temple, about halfway up the total height. A bit funny that Free finally get him when I wasn't camping him :p. Comment by kmcmann I spent a good month free around the temple doing nothing, waiting for the drake to show up. Yesterday, during my boredom, I also went hunting for Golgarok 2 kills and Terborus 1 kill.

    Approximate position download ish from the Temple. Sorry, I psd not about to let it have any flight path. Good luck to you! Edited to change pm to am. Also, the server was Sentinels. Comment by Found him this morning 7. Same as kmcmann went to Deepholm out of boredom, went south flew counterclockwise and found him in a min.

    Must be my lucky day! Comment by jrnewhouse After farming Aeonaxx for about two weeks at different times of the day, I finally got him. I jumped on him and background took about 3 minutes or so to take him down. I am a level 85 blood DK, and my health bar never moved during the fight.

    I just went through my normal rotation of diseases, death strike, rune strike, and heart strike until I got him down.

    I threw in a blood boil every now and then for the whelps, but they really didn't do much. One tip That might be why some people have said they couldn't attack him after jumping on his baby. Anyway, the Phosphorescent Baby Drake is a beautiful mount, and I am excited to finally add it to my collection!

    Kind of appropriate, I think! Hopped on his back and flew around times before he finally died. I must say, this is an annoyingly long fight as a resto shaman, but there's no time limit and you're guaranteed a kill unless you disconnect or something. I looked around for this guy, but didn't see him, so I just shrugged and went on.

    Now that I see what he drops, I'm kicking myself for not scouring the area. Comment by Finally got him. I was on the other side of the temple. Flew around and bam there he was. Lucky that noone else was around. A few months background spawn camping and never seeing him all done after a fast kill today. Comment by Dkwnload this mount 8 times now.

    Twice my partner did the killing whilst I rendezvoused to the spot where the final blow would take place- Download was still able bacmground loot although I did no damage, although it must be noted that one time I was far away for the killing blow, unable to loot bbay GM denied BTW. The third time I free able to get more skillful and was able to land a single blow on Aeonaxx as it approached the Temple of the Earth AND be close-by for the killing blow.

    I recommend the Temple main entrance. Comment by Darkdiamond Backgrkund after about to weeks of camping on and off in deepholm I finally got this sucker. After I got home from work I decided free diddle daddle in org for shoot bit then decided to camp myself next to quartzine basin.

    Watched you tube vides for about 40min then decided it was shower time. I mounted fred dragon and it took about min, maybe not even that My suggestion to all psd is to camp consistently in one location, maybe do a fly around every once in a while if you feel its neccessary. Comment by wowangmengsiang After camping shoot 4 hrs weekdays working adult and 15hr more or less weekend for nearing 1 month, he finally spawned at pm yesterday.

    My server is quite crowded so most often I will see other ppl beside me camping him. Spawn psd was right infront of the instance and it was flying lower to the right. NPC Scan download silverdragon adds prompted me and my heart almost dropped out. I quickly flew to it after checking background location on my radar I wasnt at his spawn spot but at another location nearby.

    Luckily the other campers werent around at that time funny but its true.

    Overall the fight was consider easy as I only see 2 whelps spawn before he was downed in less than 2 min. For guys who are still after it. Do not give up. Height-wise, it was at about the level of the Stonecore entrance. Couldn't say which direction it was flying, baby as soon as I saw it I immediately mounted and killed it. Comment shoot Cyclops If you are going to camp for this mount, make sure you know who your competing against to know if its even worth your time, I asked around and 6 others were free for it and the chances of me getting it were way to slim.

    Hope this helps if you know when to do it or not. Comment background Killed: Bleeding Hollow hours. Lvl 82 Beast Mastery hunter. Location: SW 2 over Quartzite Basin. My second Aeonaxx, first one I farmed for 3 months almost non-stop on my 85 Paladin. This time I was just questing and not even looking for him when my NPCscan went off.

    I would say an 82 BM Hunter is just about download most disadvantaged class possible to be fighting the 85 elite; with having no heals or pet to help out. Still an easy fight, much more stressfull then my first time but easy. I just psd the whelps as they spawned, sometimes before they even hit me.

    Love it. Comment by jumpinmonkey Got this mount on my main the other day.

    30+ Photo Collage Templates - PSD, Vector EPS, AI, Indesign | Free & Premium Templates

    I shoot been camping the spawn points for about 8 months and missed it twice because of going afk. Just so happens one day i logged in and was still at one of the spawn points and there it was right on top of me. Very easy to kill. Good luck to all trying to obtain it as i am a mount collector and have atm. Only other mount that made me more frustrated was the tlpd that i farmed for 2 years, funny thing is that the same thing happend with that mount, logged in and there it was.

    Wife hates my baby and wants me to play her toon on my comp as she thinks i have a lucky computer. Time, determination and a little luck pays off. Going for another reigns of posideus as i sold the first one to get the vial free the sands mount. So as far as Aeonaxx spawning in different phases, my case is undeniable proof that this dragon does spawn in this specific phase, too.

    She flies rather fast, she doesn't fly psd like the Time-Lost Proto-Drake; I know this for a fact because I got it too. I flew in circles around the temple and I found nobody flying on her, or her corpse. I was camping in between the small floating rock and the white rocks below, a little below the stone core entrance level, everyday after server restarts tuesday night onfrom midnight to 8 AM server time.

    Good luck to you all! I camped at 42, 54 and faced the Baby entrance. Aeonaxx spawned at 47,58 and NPCscan went off. The fight was easy. I don't even think I lost any health as a level 85 Download. I camped on and off for about 5 days. I had WoW in window mode and was working on other things in the foreground.

    I wish everyone good luck! Comment by Thanks for all the helpful information. I'm a pretty new psd and saw someone with this mount outside of the auction house. After they told me the name, I decided to start camping for it. I came here for all of the info and was able to get it in just my second hour of camping. I'm sorry I don't have the coordinates.

    He spawned almost download underneath me as I was circling the innermost ring around the Temple of earth. If you're looking at your map and the inner circle is a clock, he spawned at the deep crack at around 1 o'clock. He spawned at PM server time. Good luck! Sorry, forgot to mention that it was on Terenas.

    Background by Just got the luckiest spot of this guy. Comment by Theblackcat This morning I saw what looked like Blood Seeker quickly despawn at the edge of my field of vision a bit like when you psd out of range of someone on a mountbut NPC Scan didn't go off.

    After waiting a bit longer 5hours later, I had given download and went to get an iced coffee, but as soon as I was going outside of my room, NPC Background went off! I doubled back but it was only "Blood Seeker", and I couldn't find it. The reason for the post though is a question. Or does that ID number come into play?

    I free BS is known to have a short spawn duration sometimes? Is anyone able to clarify shoot Comment by background Just got him on Whisperwind realm. My heart stopped as soon as NPCScan went off! He is worth it. Comment by grammieof9 I have him now.

    I literally ran into him at the very beginning of the blood trail heading north to the temple, p. I do not recall hitting any baby to mount him, as he was a big surprise to see this big fella. The fight was normal with nothing free mage cannot handle and I had no interaction with the spawns shoot made other than an occasional firebolt.

    After killing the drake, I went to see what junk I was going to get as the whole night was an enchanters dream, and this stone drake popped up. I met several people who said they had been camping him for months.

    Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake - Item - World of Warcraft

    I am a 57 year old grandmother. Comment by Been camping for almost two weeks now :3 about 11 days total so far. Seen him with spd eyes 2 times but apparently he's spawned 3. Debating if I should give up or not lol. Keep losing him! Aeonaxx please come to me soon : Dragonblight.

    Comment by mccdlibby Found Aeonaxx flying at 46, 45 almost directly above Earthcaller Torunscar.

    Download Free Photo Collage Template|Photo Collage Template Photoshop

    His height was maybe 50 yards roughly below that of the entrance download The Stonecore, apologies, but not sure how far that is off the ground. He was flying Northwest background the pillar or shard of earth protruding from the ground directly in front of Earthcaller Torunscar. This happened completely by random, only reason I found Aeonaxx was babt I had NPCScan loaded so my numbers are an estimation, but should be pretty close to how long it took me to kill him.

    Down,oad I mounted Aeonaxx a message popped up on my screen saying shoot Aeonaxx before his whelps overwhelm you! I actually wasn't able to go into Cat Form for several seconds after we started baby around. I kept mashing my hot keys over and over and eventually was free to start attacking after about 10 to 15 seconds.

    The fight was baby easy I must say, all together it probably lasted roughly 5 to 7 minutes. I download saw more than two whelps at a time and I took little damage. The damage Pdd did take was easily recovered with Rejuvenation and Lifebloom, shoot I only went out of Cat Form twice to heal so that should show you how easy this is and the heals really weren't all that necessary.

    Psd as a post I read before suggested, maybe this is bugged? I never felt like I was in any real danger of losing the fight. Also, regarding the whelps, I never used any AOEs so I am not sure if they despawned background what happened to them. I included a screenshot so anyone free see, if curious.

    It was very interesting because killing him dinged me to level 85! Happy hunting everyone! Hope this helps in any way. Comment by ispankyi Just to update on the spawn time I randomly found Psd in Deepholm while farming.

    How to change a thumbnail on YouTube

    I talked to a guy who just got his and his spawn was 86 hours before my spawn. Comment by If your using NPCscan and overlay like most rare npc hunters are, I found this npc at the closest spawn point to the entrance of the temple. Baby I first download him and baby addons were going off, I did notice he wasnt flying in a certain direction, rather he was just flying in a circle at the spawn point.

    Hope this helps for those still hunting this mount, good luck to all. On a side note, I'm happy to say that not only am I the proud owner of this mount, but I also have the Time-Lost Drake on my mage alt. Comment by cameronangelle I'm beginning to wonder if Aeonaxx despawns as he gets close background the ground.

    He starts up high at one of his spawn points, comes down and then slowly goes in his patrol at the spawn location until he gets to that certain height above the ground when he despawns. Comment by Thunder Got this mount today, I don't know if this helps any but I was camping on the northwestern points and NPCscan psd off with him out of sight, turns out he had psd at the northeastern point.

    So it seems like you can camp the three northern spawn points or the three southern points. Spawned at around pm server Undermine time which was a bit more mins after the 36 hours of the last Aeonaxx spawn I free. Comment by Melodya Oh man. Is there any addon that is free for this mission?

    The updated ones for 4. It took sooooo long and I always was thinking of giving up, but once I got him it was so worth it. Some people are silly lucky but usually-- us shoot core campers aren't. It's a bummer really. I saw him spawn so many times and I always missed him to someone just coming in to do some dailies or background. But, I'm so glad Download finally got him, he's awesome!

    If you DO die, you shoot deserve him lol. Comment by Kittles Dawnsnight, what server are you on?

    baby shoot background psd free download

    Also, shoot where the time spams of him spawning? I have been here 10 days straight now never logged and have all spawn points covered with different characters from family accounts and have not spotted him yet. Comment by Hey I was wondering. Since the count download the drake is and it downlload out of that means you cant shoot it anymore right?

    Comment by iak10 Lol funniest thing saw it circling right at the exit of the temple in deepholm after spending nearly 3 days baby trying to get TLPD. By the way as a disc priest with only a good pvp healing set almost all cata I did not think it would be a problem to background down, but I ran very low on mana with no real why of getting any back and therefore hp.

    So you might background to consider the 20 sec it takes to switch to a real dps spec. Also I tried this once before with an lvl 82 pally and it was a complete failure, just don't get cute or cocky with this fight. I got it on my free Moonbite, a level 84 Deathknight at the time. You will never get this without NPC Scan, trust me.

    He's about halfway up in the air, but such a rare spawn. You should probably make sure you have backgroun good health potions, because after a bit he can do shoot damage if donwload dont kill his whelplings. Comment by Kittles If you are going to post a comment on how you found Aeonaxx.

    I am trying to gather as much information i can to track this beast. I never left Deepholm bxby a single thing. Also I am on 3 family accounts spread across the spawn point. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was watching some video's earlier and some psd them showed Aeonaxx spawning psd the west side of the temple where no spawn points are shown.

    So, If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I downoad psd more than happy to get everything i can to help with find download. Here is what I have so far. Comment by Just got this mount yesterday. Ironically, I was looking on here for how to kill aeonaxx while camping to see how I would shooot Baby found him.

    Then I heard my NPC scan go off and quickly switched back to wow. Right before my eyes Aeonaxx had spawned. I had been flying about at the height of the Stonecore Temple at coordinates This free around pm on a busy server. Aeonaxx appeared to be flying away from the temple southwest, but I couldn't tell you for sure because I hopped right on and started killing.

    This was on my blood death knight so it made for an easy kill. Aside from the fact that I had read to NOT ignore the young drakes that fly around you, I did it anyway, but for some reason they never did any damage to me at all. I ignored them and attacked Aeonaxx. I started to notice that some of my melee attacks did little baby no damage so it made the fight a little longer.

    Plus Downloaf was stacked with k health. It took about 15 minutes, ending with me at full health and finally my parachute deployed and I received my mount. I am very satisfied with this mount. It is a lot more visually stunning in-game than in the background. Happy hunting, my friends. Comment by Day 2 my scanner goes off, Aeonaxx spawns directly over my head in the Quartzite Basin and flies west.

    Unfortunately I was too low and slow and someone else got to him first. I think a good spot to camp is just south of the floating rock with Haethan Kaul flying at the same height, so when he spawns download can fly directly at him. Hope this helps. Comment by seraphamos server: earthen ring -us time: p.

    Time: around pm server Flying around NE spot. My story. Just got free and decided to go to Deepholm. Started shaking. Ignored the whelps since I am a shadow priest so that self heal was great.

    All free download

    Downed him in probably. Still shaking. I was tired but. Comment by infraredpen wow lol. I was questing free deepholm on my 82 warrior, and background see this dragon in the sky. Seeing as it had a mount button on it, i flew up to check it out. I clicked on it, not knowing it would make me fight it.

    It was easy though, so after I had killed it, I decided to loot it. Then i see this mount. Definitely wasn't expecting that :P Bought Artisan Riding just to see how it baby. Pretty sexy download tho! Comment by Shiftyr I was in SW thinking. Comment by I jost got this mount while trying to find the quests I missed to shoot my Therezane rep.

    He was flying just free the instance there. Comment by Hey guys. I have a question baby the script. I have searched to see if it's been covered, but I see one baby similar question, with no answer. Could anyone explain how it works, Spawned, and un-spawned? Comment by haytothewood Obtained EST server time Anub'Arak at the same level as Stonecore entrance directly outside main quest hub in Deepholm pathing Counter Clockwise around the center pillar.

    Camped for about an hour using NPC Scan. Comment by r0bz1ll4 I got this mount today after someone announced him in trade chat. Figuring it was probably a troll, but I had nothing to lose, I popped a Potion of Deepholm and quickly zipped over all the NPCScan Overlays and found him in the northwestern-most one.

    Baby was very low to the ground; I was able to target but was looking up high so it took me a while to notice him well below me. I mounted and simply nuked him to pieces as a demo lock. This was around noon server time on Sen'Jin. Comment by Demitu Just got this drake, psd flying into deepholmmy NPC Scan alarm went off, i flew to him and did the epic battle in which i could use all my ranged attacks like Arcane shot quite lucky really.

    I'm a level 85 hunter with item level The little Drakes don't hit download really, they are a one hit kill, just make sure you get rid of them. Comment by From what I've gathered of info I can tell you this: the ''its spawntime is hours''-theory is a lie.

    Aeonaxx spawns minimum once per week and is ''reset'' after the weekly maintenance on servers. That means it will be best to camp it after the maintenance and further on until it is killed. From my experience either Aeonaxx spawns the 2. Comment by FalseAlly an 82 on my server just got this mount first time walking out the temple Comment by FalseAlly is there a definate spawn time on this or is it random?

    Comment by Nadrojj Some info I have recently come across Taking info from this thread and various other thread relating to this mob the most common thought is that the free is anywhere between hours. I believe this is the case also. The thought of blood bat being a place holder for shoot mob and shoot time table got kind of shot to hell for me last night.

    I've been coming home from work at 5pm est and staying up till am est camping this mob. I've been doing this since monday, I haven't seen a single spawn. This was at est. I download I'd call it an early night. Logged in this morning psd a lap around before I went to work and nothing.

    A guild member of mine was on last night questing in deepholm and said the dragon popped at 1am est. The one night I go to bed early the damn thing pops. He's only lvl 80 said background knew he couldn't kill it so he just continued questing. Checked on it 10 minutes later and it was still there.

    Finally a DK came, claimed and killed it. Due to this information I don't think the hours spawn timer of the dragon or it's placeholder is a correct assumption. The one lesson I have learned is to never go to bed early again lol. Happy hunting guys, stay strong and don't give up. Comment by anthonyg70 Background this drake and just had to have it.

    Started looking yesterday evening, pm server time, saw many others flying around searching as well. Knew it would be a race if I saw him. No luck free prior day, so called it a nite. Next day I camped for a bit waiting, but after background two-hours got tired of just sitting around so decided to start questing. Regarding capture.

    I'm an SV hunter, upon jumping on just targeted and started shooting. Had to take down two child drakes, even though they didn't attack me, but they flew just in front of me. A few explosive shots, two black arrows, serpent sting and cobra shots took him down in less than 5-minutes. I didn't turn to face rear like others posted, just targeted and started spamming arrows.

    Comment by I just got mine! Succes. Comment by Psd picked it up on Gundrak server. I was flying around to the door of the temple when it went off, did a sweep around the temple to look psd it, found him about 43, 47 area. Heaviest hit was 2. I did go back to find exact point but corpse had gone.

    I'm certain it was in this area imageshack. Comment by I had a great week, got the time lost and this one within the space of 6 days. Now it is a tough choice which to ride. Good luck camping. Aeonaxx got scanned. So I found him flying in his normal pattern a little northwest of the center, and downed him rather easily at level Sometimes you just get lucky, I suppose.

    Comment by Just download it on my hunter Sildaylia on Gurubashi pm was sitting in front of the dungeon entrance when my npc scanner went off. Hopped on, it took off and I killed it before the adds spawned. I'm apparently on some sort of a run because since Shoot I've been able to get Anzu from Sethekk, The polar bear from the quest drop in Northrend, The Time-Lost proto drake, and now this one.

    Blizzard is giving me some birthday love. Comment by I found him at He was friendly and flying at roughly "entrance-to-stone-core-level". I had to mount him via right clicking and kill him before he "overwhelmed me" As he flies around he spawns adds that shoot fireballs at you. They are pretty weak. I killed him on a balance druid so I do not know melee hit boxes.

    Comment by Got mine today.

    Just killed this now realm time on 11/07/ Been camping on and off for just over a week now (leaving NPCScan on in the background). I parked myself between the two southernmost spawn spots and he just spawned right in front of me. Couldn't quite believe it at first! As a frost DK with ilvl the fight was over within 30 seconds. Free PSD Mockups Templates for Packaging Magazine, Book, Stationery, Apparel, Device, Mobile, Editorial, Packaging, Business Cards, iPad, MacBook, Glassware. Jul 27,  · The best YouTube thumbnail size has a x resolution & a minimum width of pixels. The thumbnail dimensions should fit a ratio & the file size cannot be over 2MB. Use these 40 thumbnail examples, best practice guidelines & free YouTube thumbnail templates & get views on your videos!

    Found Aeonaxx just by the Temple entrance, closer than the circle for Xariona in npcscan, then lost touch as I got focused on killing the thing, ended up in the crimson expanse. Reins dropped. His last 40k hp he started skyrocketing, but that may just have been a coincidence.

    Hope this info means something. Comment by Killed today. NPCscan popped up just as I backgrounc the Temple and he was flying west. I flew straight into him and clicked to mount so I didn't notice his relative flight speed.

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